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Jun 30

Juan Rodriguez of the Trail of Dreams meets with Obama

Juan Rodriguez, the only one of the four members of the Trail of Dreams that is a legal citizen of the U.S., was invited to a meeting at the White House with President Obama yesterday.

Jun 18

Back to the Capitol

They met with Valerie Jarrett, assistant to the President, earlier in the week to discuss the possibility of an executive order that would halt all deportations of undocumented students.

Jun 16

Becado de Harvard podría ser deportado

Un estudiante indocumentado de Harvard, que fue traído por su madre a Estados Unidos cuando tenía 4 años, fue detenido en un aeropuerto de Texas y ahora enfrenta su posible deportación, según relató el joven.

Jun 02

Trail of Dreams meet Arpaio, avoid arrest.

An eventful day for the Trail of Dreams walkers started off with a tweet from Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio that read, “Just heard that some students from Fla. are coming to visit me and are self admitted illegal aliens”.

Jun 01

Trail of Dreams Call Arpaio’s Bluff

“If you don’t hear back from me then, I’ve been detained”

May 27

Trail of Dreams to meet Joe Arpaio

The Trail of Dreams is yet again in the public eye and risking arrest and possible deportation.

May 24

The Trail of Dreams to Arizona

It would only be fitting for the four students of the Trail of Dreams to fearlessly enter unwelcoming territory as they have in the past…

May 19

Three undocumented students released by ICE

The four students taken into custody for a sit-in protest inside of Senator McCain’s office in Arizona were released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sometime last night.

May 18

Undocumented protesters still in detention for Arizona protest

Four activists and friends of the Trail of Dreams took action in Arizona by engaging in a trending form of non-violent protest known as the “sit-in” at Senator McCain’s office.

Felipe Matos

Felipe Matos

Gaby Pacheco

Gaby Pacheco

Carlos Roa

Carlos Roa

Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez

The Trail of Dreams - Four undocumented students are walking from Miami to DC in support od the Dream Act and the human rights
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The walkers are moving from state to state in the last few months. Carlos is currently in D.C.


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